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When you were told by the specialist that you had cancer the the cancer nurse probably gave you lots of information and some leaflets about treatment. Unfortunately, due to the stress of the occasion, you have probably forgotten some of this, or did not 'take it in', and now have questions you would like answered. If it's about further investigations (eg a scan), your next appointment or treatment, the person to ask is your Cancer Nurse - telephone them, and leave a message with your name and number.

At Cancer Connections we have some medical information, together with a wide range of cancer information booklets, and can answer some of your questions, so why not telephone or call in? Just talking through the information you already have can be helpful.

In the meantime, if you want to look on the internet do be careful, because there are many sites that will not be helpful! Two good websites that do provide reliable, accurate, up to date information that we can recommend are: