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Reg has written a book ... and Bob has illustrated it.

Book front

Reg Hall, one of Cancer Connections' founders, has put together a book of stories told to him by people who have experienced cancer in different ways, most of them from Cancer Connections. The book is illustrated by Robert Olley, the well-known South Shields artist. To read more about Robert Olley - click here.

The stories are very personal and reflect the feelings, predicaments and reactions that can arise after a diagnosis of cancer. The illustrations are remarkable; some are light-hearted but they all help to convey the impact that cancer can have on individuals and families alike. To read more about the creation of 'Connecting with Cancer' - click here.

‘Connecting with Cancer’ was launched in June 2016 at the charity’s 10th Anniversary celebration at The Word in South Shields.

Copies of 'Connecting With Cancer' are for sale from Cancer Connections.

Please contact us, either by phoning 0191 456 5081 or by emailing -   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     (all lower case, no spaces)


The book has been well received - here are just two examples of the response:

“Absolutely fantastic book full of stories of individuals coping with one of the most difficult diagnoses one can get. Well written and thought provoking” – Amazon Reader

“I sat in bed with a cup of tea to read your book. I went straight to the index and looked up breast cancer, then chemotherapy, then hair loss and finished with "Thumbs up”. Brilliant! I think I identified with something on every page - an honest, refreshing and very accurate account of “living” with cancer, normalising the abnormal - very reassuring!” – A lady undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.