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For most people, having chemotherapy or radiotherapy is a completely new experience so there is no way that you can know what to expect or what may happen. Although there are national guidelines for treating each type of cancer, it is important to realize that both chemotherapy and radiotherapy are adjusted to your particular situation. Also, remember that everybody is different and that people react differently to similar treatments.

Before you start treatment your medical team should have explained what your chemotherapy or radiotherapy will involve. With each visit for treatment there is always an opportunity to ask the nurse, radiographer or medical staff about anything that that worries you or you do not understand. Don’t be afraid to ask! If you need or would like more information about any part of your treatment you can:

  • Telephone your Cancer Nurse Specialist at the hospital. They will probably be busy but leave a message with your name and 'phone number and they will call you when they have finished work in the clinic or ward.
  • For cancer information on the internet go to This is the website of Cancer Research UK which is updated regularly and gives accurate, up to date information about cancers and their treatment in the UK.
  • OR, come to Cancer Connections where you can talk with other people who have had chemotherapy and radiotherapy and know what it’s like.